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Let’s donate most wanted books to Lithuanian libraries!

The nationwide Christmas of Books campaign continues to spread the light of reading and the spirit of giving for the eighth running year. The campaign invites to donate popular books to local libraries and help make dreams come true for many readers. Increasingly fuller library bookshelves and growing readership demonstrate that Lithuanians are a reading nation. However, hundreds of readers have to line up to get the book they want.

Extra long lines for the library’s single copy of a popular book translate into a wait of several months or even a year. Therefore, we invite campaign friends and supporters to donate most wanted books to local libraries! Every participating library has a list of top popular titles. A single donated book will not only reduce the waiting line, but will also help to build up reading skills and expand readership. This centennial year, let’s promote reading habits and develop reading culture because books were the guiding light on the path to our independence.

Please find the most wanted titles at Look through your bookshelves and you will most probably find a book that a far-away library needs very much. You can donate books directly to a library of your choice or leave them at a special stand in a bookstore to be delivered by campaign partners to a specific library.

For more information, please visit and Facebook @knygukaledos. Share your book donation experience at #KnygųKalėdos.

Let’s donate most wanted books to Lithuanian libraries. Together let’s make the Christmas of Books campaign a great success!

The campaign will run until January 6.


For more information about the campaign, please contact:

Marija Dautartaitė

Campaign Coordinator


Tel.: +370 706 64 077


To deliver books for donation, please contact:

Jolita Steponaitienė

Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library


Tel.: +370 5 239 8585

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